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TechSmart Media, LLC is a leader in Digital Marketing Solutions for Advertisers, Agencies and Small Businesses alike.

Josh RodrigueFounded in 2004 by standout marketer Josh Rodrigue, TechSmart Media, LLC has been delivering quality for its clients for over 10 years.

Josh has been working hands on in the Digital Marketing industry for over 10 years. He is well versed in many different aspects of online media and marketing. With a background in Information Technology he has brought TechSmart Media, LLC a focus that looks below the surface to accomplish every task associated with providing the utmost quality to every client TechSmart Media works with.

Our main focus is delivering actionable goals for our clients. We don’t want only eye balls on your product or service, we want you to get more money in your pocket. Many different ad agencies create the illusion to clients that the more eyes that are on their product or service the more sales/conversions they will get. Our mission is to drive more actionable goals with the campaigns we manage to turn those leads into sales by measuring them on performance metrics.

Lead Monetization

We believe with continued innovation and staying on top of trends. We consistently stay on top of our competitors simply because…We are more prepared.

Work with TechSmart Media today and take your business to the next level.

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